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As part of the Information Service, we welcome endorsements from staff, students and visiting scholars of the University about various services including childcare facilities, educational institutions, and family resources.  These endorsements are shared with people from the University community who are making important and sometimes difficult decisions for their families.

We would like to actively encourage you to send in your endorsements so more people can benefit from your experiences.   To make an endorsement please email, including the following information –

  • Name of Service
  • Feedback on the Service
  • Whether you wish to be anonymous
  • Your Contact Details (if relevant)


If you have a complaint about the care provided at a childcare or school setting, you will need to contact Ofsted, who manage the complaints procedure, and follow the official procedure. For more information please go to

*Contractual disputes relating to childcare providers cannot be dealt with by Ofsted, so if this is your complaint we suggest going to the Citzen’s Advice Bureau in the first instance.

Other services will have their own complaints procedures.  For more information contact the service directly.