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​Booking Allocation Process

  1. The Booking Forms for each holiday are uploaded to this site a few days prior to booking opening, and is emailed to all users on our mailing list. This usually occurs during the first week of each half term.  Details about the precise time and date booking will open will be included in the email, and on the Booking Forms.

  2. Bookings can be made electronically or using paper copies.  We will only send paper copies of the booking documentation if you have notified us that no computer access is available.

  3. Playscheme forms will be returned if they are incomplete or incorrect. No booking will be processed for incomplete forms/un-registered children.

  4. Advanced Booking opens.  An email will be sent out to all users on our mailing list reminding them that they may now submit their Booking Forms.  Any booking forms recieved before this time will be deleted.

  5. Advanced Booking is open to all priority categories as follows: University staff and students, Cambridge Assessment staff, Cambridge University Press staff, College staff and staff and parents of children attending St Mary’s School and Chesterton Community College

  6. Bookings will then be processed in the order they are recieved.  Users will be contacted with their booking confirmation in due course.

  7. Booking for all users, including those in the General Public category will open after approximately 2 weeks.  Please note that while General Public bookings won't be processed until this time, General Public Booking Forms can be submitted at any point from when Advanced Booking has opened.

  8. The booking period will close approximately 1 week before the holiday.  Any bookings made after this time will be subject to an additional charge of £2.50 per child per day.

  9. We endeavour to provide places for all parents booking onto the Playscheme, but there will be times when places are full. In this situation the Childcare Office operates a waiting list system.  The waiting list will only apply until 2 working days prior to Playscheme starting. The exact date of this will be communicated to parents in the booking email. Once the Playscheme sites have opened the waiting list will no longer exist. Parents can call the sites directly to enquire about possible availability.


The next Playscheme will operate from Monday 13 February - Friday 17 February 08:15-17:45 at Chesterton Community College.


Here is some information you may find useful.


Bookings for February Half Term

Applications from University staff and students, Cambridge Assessment staff, Cambridge University Press staff and College staff can be submitted from 11:00 on 13th December.

General Public bookings will be processed from 11.00 on 16th February

Advance bookings for October will close at 17.00 on 23rd February.

No booking emails will be accepted after 17:00 on 10th February. If you wish to book a place after this time you will need to contact the sites directly during the holiday.


February 2023 Booking Form (Word)




If a 2022 Annual Registration form has not been submitted, your booking will be deleted.

2022/23 Annual Registration Form