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Eddington Nursery - Application process open for University staff and students

The University is in the final stages of agreeing who will provide the nursery services at Eddington Nursery, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0QZ.  It is anticipated that the new nursery will open in the summer of 2018, but no firm opening date has yet been agreed.

If you are interested in applying for a University place, either as a member of staff or a student you are able to apply now.  Please see here for the application process.

At this time, it is not possible to apply for the Community places at Eddington as the application process for these places will be determined by the chosen nursery provider and published on this page when full details are available.

There is an opportunity to tour Eddington Nursery prior to it being furnished and resourced for the children.  Please email if you would like to arrange a visit.

Changes to Childcare Voucher Schemes

From 5 October 2018, Childcare Voucher Schemes will close to new applicants. To join the Childcare Voucher Scheme before it closes to new members, you need to have received your first Childcare Vouchers by 5 October 2018.  This means you need to register by 31 August 2018 at the latest to receive your first vouchers in September.

You can keep receiving vouchers if you’ve joined the Scheme and get your first voucher before the Scheme closes in October 2018, as long as:

  • you stay with the same employer and they continue to run the Scheme
  • you do not take an unpaid career break of longer than a year

For more information please go to Childcare Vouchers Salary Exchange Scheme

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