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Cancelling Booked Sessions

Booked sessions can be cancelled without financial penalty up to 7 days after the booking confirmation email has been sent. Your cancellation deadline will be made clear in the email and on your booking invoice (under 'Terms'). Any amendments or cancellations made within the 7 day period will generate a new booking invoice but your original cancellation deadline will remain the same.


All cancellations made following this date will result in an automatic £20 administration fee. We will then charge you the cost of the spaces that we are unable to fill and we will inform you of this cost in the week prior to Playscheme. Cancellations made during Playscheme weeks will be charged at the full cost of the spaces cancelled.


Exceptional circumstances, which must be put in writing, will be considered at the discretion of the Playscheme Co-ordinator and the Manager of Childcare Services.