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Booked sessions can be cancelled without financial penalty up to 7 days after the booking confirmation email has been sent. No refunds will be given for any cancellations requested after this deadline after your booking has been confirmed. Confirmation emails will state the time and date deadline for any amendments. Any amendments or cancellations made within the 7 day period will generate a new confirmation. However, the date sent in your original confirmation for amendments still stands. You will not be given a further 7 days to cancel or amend your changed bookings.


Exceptional circumstances, which must be put in writing, will be considered at the discretion of the Playscheme Co-ordinator and the Manager of Childcare Services.


Cancellation in the Summer

Due to the span of dates covering the Summer holidays, UCHP has agreed to offer a refund for booked sessions cancelled with 14 days’ notice. If you have paid via e-sales, cash or cheque your refund will be processed as soon as possible. If you have paid using Childcare Vouchers or the Tax Free Childcare you will be given a credit to use on future Playschemes as UCHP are unable to refund via these methods. Credits must be used by the end of the following May half term and will not be carried on past this cut off point.