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Parents who have been unsuccessful during advanced booking can try to book a place directly on site. As a courtsey to the families who have already booked on, we ask that on the first day of Playscheme parents only book from 10am onwards.

Any bookings made after the advance booking period will be subject to a charge of £2.50 per child per day.

Payments for on-site bookings should be cash or cheque; however those wishing to pay via childcare vouchers or eSales may do so by contacting the Childcare Office once the booking has been made on-site. In these circumstances, a holding payment (cheque or cash) may be requested.

If your child is in need of additional support during Playscheme, to ensure they are offered quality and continuity of care, Playscheme may only be able to accept booking requests made in advance (and not normally on-site). This is to ensure that we have the time to make the necessary provision for your child by employing an experienced member of support staff and applying for funding (if both child and family meet set criteria).

Children who are in need of additional support can book on site if the Playscheme Co-ordinator feels we can offer that child quality of care and have the necessary support systems in place.