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Registration Procedure

Every parent/carer who wishes to use Playscheme must register with us by filling out an Annual Registration form each calendar year.  This form must be submitted to Playscheme either by email at or by post to our office on Trumpington Street.  Bookings will not be accepted if an Annual Registration form has not been submitted.


It is very important that parents keep us up-to-date and informed about any medical conditions and their severity.  Please don’t assume that because your child has attended previously, we know about things written on prior registration forms.  If your child has a medical condition, please include this and any updates on every registration form you send to us.  Playscheme staff do change and we don’t wish to become complacent.


As a result of a recent audit of our Annual Registration form following training from the Local Authority, we are now required to ensure we have contact details for any person with parental responsibility for your child/ren.  Should your child/ren’s parent no longer have parental responsibility and have a court order preventing their contact with your child/ren, then please make us aware of this.


Please also be aware that we require a minimum of 2 different phone numbers to be able to contact you in the case of an emergency.


2022/2023 Annual Registration Word