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Edwinstowe Day Nursery

(Ofsted's Unique Reference Number (URN): EY396228)

'Children are happy and settled; they demonstrate an exceptional sense of belonging and high levels of self-esteem. This is because they have excellent relationships with adults around them. The key person system is strong, enabling children to feel safe and secure.'  Ofsted Inspection 2013

Please see the full report.


West Cambridge Day Nursery

(Ofsted's Unique Reference Number (URN): EY396219)

'Children flourish in this exceptional nursery because staff support their learning and development extremely well. Excellent teaching promotes children’s ability to be active and independent learners.' Ofsted inspection 2013
Please see the full report.


Eddington Nursery

(Ofsted's Unique Reference Number (URN): EY562870)
'Staff know children well. They plan effectively to promote children's learning, taking account of their emerging interests'.  Ofsted Inspection 2021
Please see the full report.

Chris Abell Nursery

(Ofsted's Unique Reference Number (URN): 50215492)
"Children form secure emotional attachments with the staff they see most often.  They show that they feel safe"
"Staff communicate well with children"
"partnership working with parents and carers is effective"
Please see the full report