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Eligibility Criteria
  • You must be an active student
  • Your childcare must be OFSTED-registered and you need to provide proof of your place, the booking pattern and the cost
  • Your partner or spouse must be in employment or an active student or it will be assumed that they are responsible for your childcare, unless there are exceptional personal circumstances
  • You must provide full details of your income and expenditure (including grants/scholarships/sponsorship, income from family/friends, earnings, benefits, loans, savings or capital and University and College fees)

Every application will be considered on an individual basis based on the details information provided


Early Assessment

To find out in advance if you are eligible for financial assistance towards your childcare costs, you can complete an application form (without submitting it via your tutor) and you will be given an estimate based on the financial information provided.  Please note - if your financial details change, the award outcome may be different.

The University Childcare Support Fund (formerly The University Childcare Hardship Fund) is open to registered home student parents. It is intended for students in exceptional, unforeseen financial difficulty and it offers limited financial assistance towards confirmed Ofsted-registered childcare costs. There are a number of restrictions in place pertaining to the award; further details can be found in the information sheet below.

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year but it’s anticipated that most of the available funding will be distributed by the Easter Term. The aim is to assess and respond to applications within six working weeks of receipt, although sometimes final decisions may depend on the provision of further information by applicants.

Information sheets/application forms can be picked up from the Childcare Office, GU, CUSU, and all colleges. 

Childcare Support Fund Information Sheet

Childcare Support Fund Application Form