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  1. Due to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) conditions, the scheme depends on a commitment of membership for a period of one year. Once you have opted to join, you cannot leave the Workplace Nurseries’ Salary Exchange Scheme or change the amount you have agreed to exchange for nursery fees except at the Annual Renewal Date in August unless your child leaves the nursery or if there is a significant personal Lifestyle Change.
  1. Acceptable lifestyle changes are:
  • Annual Renewal (1 August each year)
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Notification of pregnancy or commencement of/return from maternity leave
  • Birth or at key stages in adoption of a child
  • Change in formal custody arrangements
  • Moving House
  • Commencement of/return from long-term sick leave, or starting receipt of long-term disability benefit
  • Redundancy, loss of job or change in working pattern of partner
  • A significant change in working hours (20% or more)
  • Commencement of/return from unpaid leave of greater than 3 months (paternity, career break, etc.)
  • Decrease in Reference Salary of 20% or more (University staff member only)
  • Commencement of or return from an overseas secondment
  • Divorce/legal separation/dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Death of a partner or dependant
  • Sibling starting nursery/sibling starting school
  • Early Years Funding applies
  • National Minimum Wage issues
  1. You will be liable for any differences between nursery fees and the amount exchanged through the scheme.