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  1. You cannot change the amount you have agreed to salary exchange except at the Annual Renewal Date (1 August) unless your child leaves the nursery or if there is a significant personal Lifestyle Change. See 'Length in Scheme' - above - for the list of acceptable Lifestyle Changes.
  2. To apply for a change in membership, complete and return a Workplace Nurseries' Salary Exchange Scheme: Renewal/Request for Change form by the 21st of the month (10th of the month if December) before you wish the change to begin. Employees are advised to note that because any changes, amendments or variations in membership entail a change to the terms and conditions of employment, you must actively initiate the process of applying for a change in membership.
  3. No changes will be made automatically, nor can the nursery management or any other agency affect changes on your behalf. It is your responsibility to take the initiative in reviewing membership of the scheme, and in formally and explicitly requesting any necessary changes.