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  1. The minimum salary exchange sign up period is 3 months. The quarterly periods start January, April, July and October. Any changes made to your voucher amount will only take effect at the start of the following quarter. (Exceptions are detailed in 3 below).
  2. If you cancel your vouchers at the end of a quarter, (December, March, June, September) you will not normally be able to reinstate a voucher order until the start of the next quarter (January, April, July or October). 
  3. Exceptions to the above will only be approved if one of the following acceptable Lifestyle Changes apply:
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Birth or at key stages in adoption of a child
  • Notification of pregnancy or commencement of/return from maternity leave/adoption leave/shared parental leave.
  • Divorce/legal separation/dissolution of civil partnership
  • Change in formal custody arrangements
  • Death of a partner or dependant
  • Long-term sickness of child
  • Commencement of/return from long-term sick leave/ starting receipt of long-term disability benefit
  • Redundancy, loss of job or change in working pattern of partner
  • Commencement of or return from unpaid leave of greater than 3 months (career break etc.)
  • A significant change in working hours (20% or more)
  • Decrease in Reference Salary (20% or more)
  • Commencement of/return from an overseas secondment
  • Moving house
  • Sibling starting daycare/sibling starting school
  1. Any changes that are approved due to a Lifestyle Change will apply to whole months.
  2. If you do not make changes, your membership in the scheme will continue automatically.
  3. Please note, if you cancel your voucher order, you must re-instate your order within 12 months to maintain your scheme membership.  Please note, if you leave the Scheme, rejoining might be problematic if the government make further changes to the Scheme. 
  4. Unused vouchers cannot be returned but they do not expire. See ‘Do my childcare vouchers expire?’
  5. Your membership in the Childcare Voucher Salary Exchange Scheme will continue unless you notify KiddiVouchers that you want to withdraw or if you apply a lifestyle change.