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Salary Exchange Scheme Application Form

  1. Download and complete the above form and return it to, before the 21st of the month preceding the month (10th of the month if December) in which you wish to start using the scheme. This complies with HMRC regulations and allows time for the payroll deduction to be set up, for the nursery accounts department to be notified, for the verification of application data and to issue a change of contract letter.
  2. Your salary will then be reduced from the agreed date and the nursery fees will be invoiced directly to the University. You will receive written confirmation regarding the contractual change to the terms and conditions of your employment.
  3. If you are about to take up a nursery place, note that nursery management requires that the first month's fees must be settled directly with the nursery by Direct Debit.  (They will not take cash or childcare vouchers as they need to have bank details) as part of standard terms of business. Therefore, any salary exchange arrangement may only commence from the start of the second month. It is important not to apply for membership in the Workplace Nurseries' Salary Exchange Scheme too early.
  4. If you already have a nursery place and wish to join the scheme, in addition to ensuring that your application reaches the Childcare Services Administrator by the 21st of the month (10th of the month for December) preceding that in which membership is to commence, you should ensure you cancel any Direct Debit Instruction you have set up for the payment of the nursery fees. Nursery Management advise that any such Direct Debit should be cancelled by the end of the first week of the month preceding the month from which the salary exchange commences. For further information on this, please contact Nursery Management.
  5. Your salary exchange deduction value will appear on your payslip in the month you indicate as the date you wish to participate in the scheme. This deduction will pay the fees for that month i.e. the November deduction pays for Novembers nursery fees.