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Cameras and Recording Equipment

UCHP provides a camera for staff and children to use to support the activities for children and this must only be used for work purposes. Playworkers and visitors must not use their personal cameras to take photos of the children at Playscheme. UCHP will remain vigilant and ensure that only children with parental consent have their photos taken. To ensure the appropriate use of this equipment, and to safeguard children only the camera and recording equipment belonging to UCHP may be used to take appropriate and relevant images of children, such as events, activities and to support developmental observations. It is not appropriate to take photos of bruising or injuries on a child for child protection purposes; these should be drawn onto a body map. Any photos of the children must be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and only if parental and child consent has been given. Parents are able to give or refuse consent via the Registration Form.

Playworkers and children are not permitted to take photos of anybody without that persons expressed permission and only on cameras supplied by UCHP for the purposes of recording play activities.