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COVID-19 at Playscheme


Due to the current COVID pandemic, UCHP have been considering how we may run in accordance with Government guidelines and in consideration of the safety of all who come onto the Playscheme site.


UCHP will endeavour to keep staffing at a consistent level and in line with statutory ratios. However, it is possible if staff develop COVID symptoms, staffing levels may drop. UCHP will do everything it can to continue to operate. However, UCHP may have to consider withdrawing care at short notice should staffing levels be at such a low number that it is unsafe for us to operate.



The groups will have to share a toilet area, however scrupulous cleaning procedures will be put into place to minimise potential for cross contamination.



If a child is ill, we ask that they do not attend. We ask that parents inform UCHP of any illness by calling the site phones (PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL).


If any child attending or a person in that child’s household develops symptoms of COVID-19, they will be unable to attend the Playscheme until they have had a COVID-19 test and the result is negative. UCHP will require evidence that the test is negative.


If a test is required and the results are confirmed positive that child will need to be off for 10 days and until well enough to return (by which point Playscheme will be over). The self- isolation of others will be managed through the test and trace advice from Public Health. It may be necessary for a Playscheme group to close and unable to operate for the remainder of the October Playscheme. UCHP will be guided by advice from Public Health.  We will inform parents where there is a suspected case in their child's group and again when we are informed of whether a test was negative or positive, in line with LA model advice.


What happens if there is a possible case of Coronavirus at Playscheme

If a child or member of staff develops symptoms of coronavirus, the individual concerned will be sent home and asked to self-isolate for 10 days. They will be asked to arrange a test at the earliest convenience (either by visiting a test centre, or by requesting a home test kit) and to share the results with UCHP.


The parents/carers of other children within the group will be sent an email to notify them of this situation however, the individual will not be named and personally identifiable information will not be included. All other children within the group will be able to continue to attend UCHP as normal whilst the test is carried out and until the result is known. Parents of children in other groups will also receive an email informing them of the situation, but that it is not anybody in their group.


Where there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus at Playscheme

If a child or member of staff tests positive for coronavirus, the individual concerned will be asked to self-isolate for at least 10 days from the date when their symptoms appeared. 

If they have tested positive whilst not experiencing symptoms but develop symptoms during the isolation period, they should restart the 10 day isolation period from the day they develop symptoms.


Other members of their household or support bubble (including Playscheme group) may be asked to self-isolate for 10 days from when the symptomatic person first had symptoms and should continue this period of isolation even if they too have been tested and have received a negative test result. UCHP will work with the Health Protection Team of Public Health England to determine who else, if anyone, also needs to isolate.


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