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Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

UCHP are mindful that practitioners have a duty of care to ensure that children are protected from potential harm both within and beyond the physical and virtual boundaries of our setting. As such UCHP understand that mobile phones and devices are a part of everyday society, and in recent times this technology has been used inappropriately to harm children posing a risk to their safety and wellbeing.


Playworkers and visitors to UCHP must not have their personal phone during the Playscheme day when working directly with the children. Mobile phones may be used in the Playworkers designated break times, away from the children.  At all other times, mobile telephones should be stored in the staff room. Playworkers are able to wear apple watches (or similar device) but it must only be used for time purposes. Watches that connect to the internet or a mobile phone must be turned onto aeroplane mode whilst at work with the children. Playworkers not adhering to this policy could face disciplinary action.


We recommend that children do not bring mobile phones or electronic devices to Playscheme. However, to reflect our belief that when used appropriately and safely, technology can support learning, we may enable the children to use electronic devices at certain times. At the same time, we do all we can to ensure that technology is used appropriately and that children are safeguarded against all risks attached to technology. While it is not possible to completely eliminate risk, any e-safety concerns that do arise will be dealt with quickly to ensure that children and staff adhere to safe practices and continue to be protected. Children may not use their mobile phone or other internet enabled or electronic devices at Playscheme unless informed they may do so and if they are supervised.  For example, this may be allowed for those children with access to the ‘Over 11’s Room’.  In this case, use will be in a designated area and supervised by a member of the Playwork team.  It will be a requirement that mobile phones and electronic devices are signed into the Playscheme on arrival and 3G or 4G or wifi internet services must be disabled.

It is important that children and young people receive consistent messages about the safe use of technology and are able to recognise and manage the risks posed in both the real and the virtual world.

Terms such as ‘e-safety’, ‘online’, ‘communication technologies’ and ‘digital technologies’ refer to all fixed and mobile technologies that adults and children may encounter, now and in the future, which allow them access to content and communications that could raise issues or pose risks to their well-being. Information will be shared with children on the subject of e-safety through displays and Children’s meeting discussions.

UCHP will ensure that each site have a number of trip phones to ensure Playworkers do not use their own personal mobile phones when off site with the children. Playworkers may take their personal mobile phones on a trip. However, they must remain in the Playworkers bag at all times. On a trip a Playworker may use their mobile phone at designated break times when they are away from the children. Personal mobiles may also be used in an emergency situation. An emergency situation constitutes being lost or separated from the group, a first aid emergency or if a trip phone malfunctions.


UCHP has a mobile for incoming and outgoing calls. This number may be given by Playworkers as a work/emergency contact number for incoming calls only.

Where there is a suspicion that the material on a mobile phone may be unsuitable and may constitute evidence relating to a criminal offence, the ‘Allegations of Abuse’ process will be followed. Playworkers and visitors will remain responsible for their own property and will bear the responsibility of any losses.