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Playscheme ethos

At Playscheme we understand and promote the value of play for every child’s development and wellbeing. We tailor our activity timetable to provide a wide variety of play types, all of which are beneficial to your child’s development in a unique way. At Playscheme we believe that it is not only in an education setting where children learn; rather the opportunity to engage in endless, exciting and fun play allows children to learn and develop essential skills and knowledge both social, emotional and physical.

The Playscheme day has a loose structure, allowing children to be autonomous in what play opportunities they are involved in, whilst also having an element of routine to ensure consistency and a reassuring sense of predictability which children benefit from. The timetabled activities are open to all ages and it is up to the child if they wish to take part or not. They may prefer to engage in free play, such as Lego building, drawing, or playing football.