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"My favourite thing to do are the activities! I like sewing and weaving." - 5 year old 

"I like Playscheme because I can make new friends, have fun and play together" - 8 year old

"I like the over 11's room because I can have more space with people my age" - 14 year old

“You are always busy, there's lots to do and the playworkers are always making sure everyone's involved.” - Caitlin

“You want to do something and can't do it, so ask a playworker and they will help.” - Arjun

"They have loads of things to entertain us and you can make friends." Jaime

"Playscheme has a good, kind, funny environment." - Anonymous

"Playworkers are very nice!! Whenever I'm upset they come up to me and cheer me up." - Anonymous


Having children's feedback on Playscheme is very useful to us and helps everyone to be involved in planning for the future.

Please email us if you have any good ideas or complete the online children's questionnaire.