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All Playworker intervention must balance risk with the developmental benefit and well-being of children. UCHP accepts that in any play situation there is an element of risk, therefore when providing any play opportunity determining whether or not the level of risk is acceptable or tolerable will be given consideration taking into account:

  1. The likelihood of children coming to harm
  2. The severity of that harm
  3. The benefits, rewards and outcomes of the activity

All children need and want to take risks in order to explore their capabilities. UCHP understands that without a child’s strongly motivated response to challenge and risk they would have never learnt to walk, climb or even ride a bike. As such UCHP will allow and encourage the children to stretch themselves, test and develop their abilities in fun and exciting ways.

All of our planned activities and outings are thoroughly risk assessed and we have a Dynamic Risk Assessment Procedure that staff follow throughout the day when supervising play. When assessing the risks involved with an activity, we always weigh these against the benefits involved and do not seek to completely eliminate risk from play.

Our procedures are informed by the guidance laid out in 'Managing Risk in Play Provision', a document endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive.