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The University of Cambridge Holiday Playscheme (UCHP) is committed to ensuring that it meets its responsibilities in respect of child protection through the provision of support and training to Playworkers. Therefore, UCHP will ensure that:

  1. All Playworkers have access to child protection training which is regularly monitored at meetings.  Playworkers will be vigilant to signs and evidence of physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect.
  2. All Playworkers, students and volunteers are carefully recruited, have verified references and have full and up to date enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service checks.
  3. All Playworkers and volunteers are given a copy of the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy during their induction, and have its implications explained to them.
  4. All Playworkers are provided with supervision and management support commensurate with their responsibilities in relation to child protection, and their requirement to maintain caring and safe relationships with children.
  5. All Playworkers are aware of their statutory requirements in respect of the disclosure or discovery of child abuse and the procedure for doing so. All students and volunteers are instructed to report the disclosure or discovery of abuse to one of the DPs.

UCHP will take appropriate action in relation to the findings of any investigation into allegations of abuse, consistent with its duties to protect the safety of children and uphold fair processes for Playworkers, students and volunteers.

Any Playworkers, student or volunteer under investigation for the alleged abuse of a child, will be subject to the provisions of the Staff Disciplinary Procedures.

UCHP will display and follow the ‘What to do if you’re worried a Child Is Being Abused’ flowchart.

Our safeguarding policy and procedures are currently under review as part of our annual review of all policies. If you have any questions regarding our safeguarding procedures in the meantime then please contact